October 2009


Mr. Rick Van Bruggen, P.E., D.WRE, is the President of Water Resources Consulting Services, which is a civil engineering consultant firm in the field of Water Resources Engineering, Hydrology and Hydraulics, and litigation support (Expert Witness Hydrologist) with offices in northern California.

Mr. Van Bruggen has over twenty-five years of engineering experience specializing in the use of systems engineering and modeling techniques to define and evaluate surface water resource systems, forensic hydrology and hydraulics, and alternative flood control measures.

Rick has performed numerous studies of watershed hydrology, floodplain and storm drain system hydraulics, dam and reservoir operations, stormwater quality and management, and the statistical analysis of meteorologic and hydrographic data. He has managed flood control and water supply projects involving the hydraulic design of stormwater conveyance and detention facilities, overseeing technical staff and coordination between project clients, consultants and regulatory agencies.

Mr. Van Bruggen is experienced in alternative plan development and benefit/cost analysis as well as coordinating public involvement in the project decision process and conducting public meetings and workshops. He also has experience testifying as an expert witness in Water Resources Engineering, having testified in over fifty cases ranging from the evaluation of historic flood events and drownings, to the standard of care in reservoir operations and storm water system designs.

Rick has been a Diplomate since 2006.