The Recertification period for 2023 is now open. If you have not received your D.WRE 2023 recertification notice via email, please email us at [email protected].

To reinstate your AAWRE Diplomate Board Certification, please contact AAWRE staff at [email protected] or by phone at (703) 295-6160.

Continuing Professional Development For Renewal

~~The American Academy of Water Resources Engineers (AAWRE) uses the most recent edition of the NCEES Continuing Professional Competency Guidelines as the basis for establishing requirements for professional development hours (PDHs) needed to maintain the D.WRE certification (20 annually). The categories of qualifying professional development activities and the number of PDH units associated with each are set forth in that document. Additional clarification appropriate to the specific context of AAWRE is provided below.  If you have any specific questions about what qualifies for PDHs, please contact us.

Environmental and Water Resources Courses and Education - AAWRE and EWRI experts collaborate with ASCE to produce webinars and seminars. 

ASCE Continuing Education - ASCE provides training for practicing civil engineers - by practicing civil engineers. You will earn PDHs/CEUs with our courses to maintain your P.E. license. Courses are offered in all the civil engineering disciplines. Learn practical techniques and methods you can apply on the job.

ASCE Live Webinars 

Ethics Resources

Sustainability Resources

RETIRED Diplomate Status

If you are now retired from primary practice in engineering, you are not required to accumulate any PDHs to maintain your D.WRE annually.

Active practicing D.WREs, please follow guidelines below:

To adhere to AAWRE's aim to encourage life-long learning and continued professional development, all Diplomates are to obtain continuing education unit hours annually.

As part of the annual certification renewal process, each Diplomate is required to earn a minimum of twenty (20) professional development hours, including two (2) professional development hours in ethics and two (2) professional development hours in sustainability, every year. The annual fee for recertification is $150 for ASCE Members and $200 for Non-ASCE Members. Renewal period runs from beginning of January to end of December of each year.

The responsibility for maintaining records and documentation to support the PDHs claimed is solely the burden of the Diplomate. That documentation should include a description of the activity, sponsoring organization, location, dates, duration, instructors' name, appropriate certificates, paid receipts, and number of PDHs earned. The Annual Summary of PDHs Earned form provides a convenient format to record and keep track of one's continuing professional development. A sampling of certification renewal applications will be selected for detailed audits. Those selected for audits will be asked to provide detailed verification for all PDHs claimed.

   Item      #




Successful completion of continuing education courses that grant CEU's

 1 CEU = 10 PDHs


Attending professional/technical seminars, in-house courses, workshops, professional/technical conventions and conferences

 1 Contact hour =   1PDH


Completing long distance seminars or courses

1 Contact hour = 1PDH


Successful completion of college courses:
a. 1 quarter credit for audit
b. 1 quarter credit for grade
c. 1 semester credit for audit
d. 1 semester credit for grade

10 PDH
30 PDH
15 PDH
45 PDH


Each published professional or technical paper, article, chapter or report:
a. non-peer reviewed
b. *Each peer reviewed professional or technical paper, article, chapter or report authored by others.


10 PDH



Each professional or technical book or manual.

30 PDH


Active participation in a relevant professional or technical organizational committee.

2 PDH per each organizational committee.

Maximum of 8 PDHs allowed.


Self-study of professional or technical literature.

1 contact hour = 1 PDH
Maximum of 5 PDHs allowed.


Each patent (during year patent is issued).

10 PDH

Typical activities that do not qualify include personal self-improvement courses, service club meetings or activities, teaching or presenting as a regular part of employment, business meetings of any organization, equipment demonstrations, trade shows, and topics not relevant to water resources engineering or professional ethics.

Exempt from completing the continuing education professional development requirements are Diplomates in Honorary or Retired status. Also exempt are those Diplomates who were on active military duty for a minimum of six months during the calendar year, who were in foreign employment a minimum of six months during the calendar year, or who suffered serious illness or injury to themselves or an immediate family member. Those individuals will be provided additional years to complete the requirement commensurate with the years of exception.

If you have any questions regarding your D.WRE board certification renewal, please contact us at [email protected].