August 6, 2018

The candidates for the AAWRE 2018 Board of Trustees are Vijay P. Singh, Ph.D., Sc.D., P.E., Hon.D.WRE, F.EWRI, Dist.M.ASCE for President-Elect; Ruth Ayn Hocker, P.E., D.WRE, M.ASCE, Dennis L. Richards, P.E., D.WRE, F.ASCE, F.EWRI; and Berrin Tansel, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE, D.WRE, M.ASCE, F.EWRI for At-Large Trustee. The ballots for voting by the AAWRE Diplomates will be open through end of August.

President-Elect Nominee

Vijay2.jpgDr. Vijay P. Singh, Ph.D., D.Sc., P.E., Hon.D.WRE, F.EWRI, Dist.M.ASCE is the current Caroline and William N. Lehrer Distinguished Chair in Water Engineering at Texas A&M University, in College Station, Texas, where he also  serves as a distinguished professor with the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering and Zachry Department of Civil Engineering.  Dr. Singh is a world-renowned expert in the fields of kinematic wave theory and entropy theory, and in hydraulics and physical hydrology.  For more than 40 years, Vijay has dedicated his scientific and intellectual efforts to the betterment of humanity through national and international contributions to water resources engineering.  Dr. Singh has received numerous honors, awards, and fellowships, including honorary professorships and foreign memberships from universities, national academies, and government entities representing several European countries, India, China, Australia, Canada, and Mexico.  Dr. Singh is an editor at numerous water-related journals and served as editor-in-chief of ASCE’s Journal of Hydrologic Engineering.  The research he pioneered in entropy theory in hydrology has become the roots that have nourished collaboration with distinguished scientists and engineers from 15 countries, representing every continent of the world.  His hundreds of published articles, textbooks, and book chapters have had a significant educational impact, making him sought after as a keynote speaker the world over.  Vijay was elected to ASCE’s 2015 Class of Distinguished Member for his notable contributions as an outstanding leader in the engineering profession and in 2014 was honored by EWRI with the Lifetime Achievement Award. To view full bio.

Vijay's statement of service
“First, I will continue the good work that my predecessors have done. Second, I would like to work toward growing AAWRE. To that end, it is important to reach out to our fellow professionals in the private sector, government, and academia. There are a lot excellent professionals who I believe should be diplomates but they are not. Our task is to convince them with the value of being an AAWRE diplomate.  Third, I would like to work for the long-term sustainability of AAWRE. I believe it must be financially self-supporting or else it may not survive for long. Fourth, I would like to reach out to our current diplomates, seek their opinion and advice, and explore ways by which AAWRE can best serve them and how together we can raise the bar of professional practice. The best way to grow AAWRE is to work from the ground, that is from bottom up, not top down. For example, if each diplomate can recruit only one diplomate a year we will become a much bigger organization quickly. Of course, there will be no compromise on the quality or standard that AAWRE is founded on. I am grateful to be nominated as the AAWRE President-Elect and if elected, I look forward to this wonderful opportunity to lead the AAWRE."

At-Large Trustee Nominees

ruth-hocker.jpgRuth Ayn Hocker, P.E., D.WRE, M.ASCE is the Stormwater Program Manager for the City of Lancaster, PA. She holds a bachelor degree in civil engineering technology from the Pennsylvania College of Technology and a master’s degree in environmental engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. She has a broad multi-disciplinary background including transportation design, low impact development, sustainable stormwater management design, stormwater management program development and municipal green infrastructure implementation. Ruth has over ten years of water resource experience encompassing state regulation, regional watershed planning, consulting, and international design. She currently oversees the operations of Lancaster City’s Stormwater, Sustainability, and Wastewater Collections Programs. To view full Bio.


Ruth's statement of service
"I am pleased to be considered as one of the candidates for the AAWRE Board of Trustees. I have been an ASCE member for several years and am currently very active in several councils within the Environmental Water Resources Institute, including the Municipal Water Infrastructure Council as Chair and several other councils. I offer a unique perspective that encompasses research, private consulting, municipal implementation, and some international design accrued over more than a decade of water resources engineering and am proud to have the distinction of Diplomate. I am excited to help advance AAWRE’s goals and objectives, increase programming, and promote the benefit of Diplomate certification to qualified engineers in all roles across the globe. If selected, I would be very honored to serve on the Board of Trustees of the American Academy of Water Resources Engineers."

richards-dennis.jpgDennis L. Richards, P.E., D.WRE, F.EWRI, F.ASCE is  a  professional   civil   engineer   specializing   in stormwater,  hydraulic,   and   sedimentation  engineering, and currently working as a consulting civil engineer.   His experience     encompasses     planning,   analysis,    design, and construction of  storm  water  and  flood  control projects.     Mr. Richards has served as Project Principal and/or Project Manager for numerous projects involving hydraulic  and  sediment  transport analyses, floodplain delineation, channel and bridge scour analyses, stream stability, levee and/or  bank protection design, and grade­ control  structure design.  He  has conducted   investigations to evaluate  channel stability  and impacts  to  structures  due to  in­ stream sand and gravel mining. Mr.  Richards has provided technical  support  for  litigation cases concerning drainage  and  flooding  problems, channel and  bank erosion, sedimentation, and floodplain/floodway issues. Dennis has extensive experience in serving in professional societies such as the EWRI and ASCE. He has served on the EWRI Governing Board (2011-2014), EWRI Awards Committee (2011-2014), Bridge Scour Task Force (2005-2009) and ASCE Region 8 Governor (2008-2010). He currently serves on the EWRI Standards Development Council; Local Activities Council; EWRI New Professionals Council; ASCE Task Committee on Credentialing to Raise the Bar; ASCE Committee on Ethical Practice; ASCE Arizona State Advocacy Captain; ASCE Arizona Section & Phoenix Branch Membership Champion; EWRI Management Practices for Erosion and Sediment Control Standards Committee and serves on the AAWRE Admissions Committee. To see full bio.

Dennis' statement of service
"AAWRE as an esteemed  professional  organization  exemplifying excellence in water  resources engineering.  I was honored  to be inducted as a D.WRE at the initial induction ceremony in 2005 and  would  welcome  the  opportunity to  help  guide  and  advance  AAWRE's mission  through service to  the  board.    Professionalism, leadership,  and continuing education  have been  key values  throughout my  career  and  values  that  I embrace  in  advancing  the  profession.  My participation as a member  of the AAWRE Admissions Committee the past few months has been a rewarding experience  and has encouraged  me to become more  involved  in both  promoting the benefits  of and increasing the visibility of board certification."

berrin-tansel.jpgBerrin Tansel, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE, D.WRE, F.ASCE, F.EWRI has over 30 years of experience in environmental engineering, water quality management, and water infrastructure. She is a professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Florida International University (FIU). Dr. Tansel received her PhD degree in environmental engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1985.  Dr. Tansel received her PhD degree in environmental engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1985. Before joining FIU, she was a project manager at Massachusetts Water Resources Authority and worked on the Boston Harbor cleanup efforts. She has also worked at the Center for Environmental Management at Tufts University and prepared several reports to US Congress on waste management. She has conducted research at the Kennedy Space Center on development of a closed loop water recovery and recycling system for space travel. Dr. Tansel is an elected Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and Environmental and Water Resources Institute (EWRI). She is a Diplomate of American Academy of Water Resources Engineers, and Board Certified Environmental Engineer by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers. She had made significant contributions to the practice including preparation of the Florida Infrastructure Report Card, publication of the ASCE book on Concentrate Management in Desalination: Case Studies, and the joint efforts with Water Environment and Federation (WEF) on Manual of Practice No. 8 (MOP 8): Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants. She is a registered professional engineer in the State of Florida, USA. She has published over 200 journal papers, book chapters, technical reports and three books. Dr. Tansel is the managing editor of the Journal of Environmental Management and serves on the editorial board of ASCE’s Journal of Natural Hazards Review. To see full bio.

Berrin's statement of service
“While I believe to be selected as a Diplomate of Water Resources Engineering is an honor, it is also a privilege to be part of highly skilled network of professionals who strive for the advancement of the professional practice. With the growing tools of practice, expanding knowledge and data, emerging fields of specialization on one side; and the increasing needs for improving water quality and aging water infrastructure on the other side; the needs for the qualified engineers and practitioners have become highly dynamic. My commitment to the profession spans over 30 years at various capacities including active roles in ASCE committees and task forces. I am committed to furthering the role of AAWRE through membership growth and recruitment of qualified professionals in the water infrastructure and water resources fields as well as training of the practitioners who are skills for responding the existing and emerging challenges in water resources engineering. I am excited about the opportunities in furthering AAWRE’s goals and objectives. I am honored to be nominated to serve on the Board of Trustees of the American Academy of Water Resources Engineers.”