October 6, 2020

The AAWRE and the water resources engineering community pays tribute of gratitude and thanks to the life and legacy of AAWRE Founding President Dr. Jeffrey B. Bradley, who passed away on September 17 at the age of 67.  Dr. Bradley was a vital force to help launch the AAWRE, serving as the inaugural President from 2004-2007.

Dr. Bradley served as Chair of the ASCE Water Resources Engineering Division, which later evolved into the ASCE’s Environmental & Water Resources Institute (EWRI), serving as EWRI President-Elect from 2000-2002, and President from 2002-2003.

Earlier this year, Dr. Bradley was recognized with the Service to the AAWRE award for his service and leadership as AAWRE's founding President, his vital contributions to help launch the AAWRE, for championing the D.WRE Board Certification and post-license board certification in the civil engineering profession.

Dr. Bradley was Founder and CEO of WEST Consultants, an engineering firm he started more than three decades ago. Dr. Bradley was a nationally renowned expert with more than four decades of experience in hydraulics, hydrology and sedimentation. He was a registered professional engineer in California, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington. He was internationally recognized for his work on mud and debris flows and their effects on alluvial fan flooding. He served on over a dozen External Review and Expert Panels for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and others.

Dr. Bradley wrote more than 75 professional papers and reports in the fields of water resources, hydraulics, hydrology, and sedimentation engineering and the editor of the books: The Physics of Sediment Transport by Wind and Water: A Collection of Hallmark Papers by R.A. Bagnold and Gravel Bed Rivers and the Environment. He authored a sedimentation manual for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and wrote an appendix for the updated ASCE Sedimentation Manual, No. 110.

He served as a member of ASCE task committees on the Effects of High Concentrations on Flow and Sediment Transport, Sedimentation and Stream Habitat Evaluation, and Bridge Scour. He was an active member of the ASCE Task Committee to revise Manual 54 – Sedimentation Manual, and served as past-chair of the ASCE Sedimentation Committee. He also served as Chair and member of the Federal Interagency Sub-Committee on Sedimentation. As a Fellow of ASCE, Jeff was involved in ASCE activities at both national and local levels, had served on national Engineering Management Division committees, ASCE Presidential Committees, and has held committee chairs in Colorado and Oregon, as well as having been Director and Treasurer of the Oregon Section. Jeff remained active in EWRI Committees prior to his untimely passing.

Jeff was a proud graduate of the Oregon State University, where he earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Civil Engineering. He earned his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, Hydraulics at Colorado State University. Dr. Bradley was a recipient of notable honors which included ASCE Arid Lands and Hydraulic Engineering Award; the EWRI Service to the Profession Award; the USCID Service to the Profession Award; the Oregon Section of ASCE Engineer of the Year Award; and was selected for the Oregon State University Academy of Distinguished Engineering and other awards.

In lieu of flowers, Jeff's family welcomes donations to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the Disabled American Veterans, or the American Red Cross in their support of those affected by the Western wildfires.

Greg DiLoreto:
“So many of us remember Jeff.  Jeff and I were in the same class at Oregon State.  I can remember some funny incidents during that time, particularly in our surveying class.  When Jeff and I graduated we both became active in the ASCE Oregon Section.  We were both on the Section Board at the same time and in those days, you started on the Board, stuck with it and in seven years of going through the chairs you became section president.  Jeff was one year ahead of me on the Board, served as Treasurer and I served as Secretary when he decided to go back to graduate school for his PhD.  While I continued on in the Section Jeff got more educated, but he never forgot ASCE and worked on the technical side of the organization.  Of all of my classmates at OSU, Jeff is the only one that I still saw quite often, all because of ASCE.  He will be missed.”

Jerry Rogers, AAWRE Founding Trustee:
“I remember Jeff pulling together a Columbia River History Session for the EWRI Congress and an ASCE Convention in Portland several years ago. Jeff grew up on the construction of the Dalles Lock and Dam on the Columbia River when his father (Vernon (Brad) Bradley, worked there from 1954- 1957). Jeff’s father also worked on Pelton Dam on the Deschutes River in Oregon, Hartwell Dam on the Savannah River in Georgia, Ice Harbor Dam and Lower Monumental Dam on the Snake River in Washington, and Harry S. Truman Dam on the Osage River in Missouri. The Dalles Lock and Dam was designated an ASCE National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark at the EWRI Portland Congress and a special NHCEL ceremony, arranged by the U.S Army Corps of Engineers. Jeff Bradley was a hydraulic engineer working in hydraulics, hydrology and sedimentation who researched and presented papers on the 1980 Mount St. Helens Volcano Eruption and Pyroclastic Flows, the most disastrous volcanic eruption in U.S. history. Jeff was a strong supporter of Oregon State University. Dr. Jeffrey B. Bradley will be missed.”

David Weston, Chair of EWRI Hydraulics & Waterways Committee:
"Jeff was a very kind and generous man that provided many of us with many pleasant memories. I will always cherish the moment when Jeff presented me with the AAWRE certificate in Tampa. His staff at West Consultants have always been kind and helpful, which is a true sign of his high quality of his leadership style. Every person I have met from his staff has an open mind, open heart and is technically astute. He will be genuinely missed."