March 30, 2022

The American Academy of Water Resources Engineers (AAWRE) proudly announce Gordon England, P.E., D.WRE (Ret.), M.ASCE as the recipient of the 2022 Service to the AAWRE Award for his significant contributions and work in furthering the mission and goals of the Academy. Specifically, Mr. England is recognized for the award for his outstanding contributions through the AAWRE Admissions Committee and his continuous commitment in the D.WRE board certification candidate evaluation process. Mr. England has served on the AAWRE Admissions Committee since 2010 and has participated as a panelist on more than twenty panel exam interviews.

The AAWRE Service to the Academy Award was instituted by AAWRE in October 2014 to recognize a Diplomate, Water Resources Engineer or an individual that exemplifies leadership and service to the American Academy of Water Resources Engineers. This award is given annually to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding and extensive service or contributions to the Academy. Mr. England is the 8th recipient of the award.

Mr. England works for Brevard County Florida’s Stormwater Program as a Stormwater Engineer. He previously has been a stormwater consultant for several firms, including his own, specializing in TMDLs, pollutant load modeling, and Stormwater Utilities. He has over four decades of public and private sector experience, including two years of managing the drainage program of the Bahamian government. Mr. England is a recognized leader in BMP selection and design. He has written numerous papers and books on stormwater treatment techniques and served on several EWRI committees that published four Stormwater Guidelines in the Library of Congress. Mr. England will also present a special AAWRE webinar on May 10 on Stormwater MTDs.

Gordon stated: "I am extremely happy to receive AAWRE's Service to the Academy Award. I thank the Awards Committee (and the AAWRE Board) for considering and selecting me for this prestigious honor shared with previous distinguished recipients. I also thank my fellow Committee members whom I have grown to respect and admire for the serious diligence we apply to reviewing prospective applicants. I treasure being a Diplomate of AAWRE and will continue to contribute to our profession in any way I can."

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