August 27, 2015

Nominations are being accepted now until August 31 for Peter Stahre’s Scholarship. The endowment is to encourage continued work, research and contributions to the development of urban environments and sustainable urban development. The scholarship is primarily geared toward students and professionals for completion of their thesis, research projects, practical projects or similar. The scholarship is open to international applicants.

The scholarship is named after the late Peter Stahre, who was a founding Diplomate and active member of EWRI committees, particularly the Urban Water Resources Council. Peter was a world known authority in the stormwater field not only in Sweden, but internationally, as he worked for the city of Malmo in Sweden for a long, distinguished career in water resources and environmental engineering.

Peter Stahre scholarship is awarded to individual(s) who performs meritorious services that promote collaboration and innovation in sanitary engineering in combination with vegetation technology.

The scholarship is promoted and supported by VA SYD, Swedish Water, NTNU, Faculty of Engineering, Vios AB, Malmö City and SLU.

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