January 2011


Mr. Gordon B. England, P.E., D.WRE is the President and senior engineer of Stormwater Solutions, Inc. in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Mr. England has over 31 years of experience in stormwater management in both the public and private sectors. His experience includes stormwater master plans, modeling, stormwater utility creation and management, and grant acquisition. His 10 years as lead engineer with Florida's Brevard County Stormwater Utility and tenure as senior drainage engineer for the Bahamian Ministry of Works gives him a thorough understanding of municipal operations and perspectives. Gordon is a recognized leader in the selection and design of innovative stormwater BMPs and serves as an editorial advisor to Stormwater magazine.

Gordon serves on the EWRI's Stormwater Infrastructure Committee and Task Committee on Guidelines for Certification of Manufactured Stormwater Best Management Practices. He has written numerous technical papers and peer reviewed articles on stormwater management practices. Gordon co-authored the book "BMP Guide for Retrofitting in Existing Developed Areas" for ASCE publication and "Selection, Maintenance, and Monitoring of Stormwater BMPs" published by Forester Publications.

Gordon is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and he is a founding AAWRE Diplomate since 2005. In this feature, Gordon shares on his upbringing and early years at University of Texas, living in the Bahamas, stormwater, advice to aspiring writers, and his love of writing, fishing, boating, and diving.

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