February 18, 2015

As the American Academy of Water Resources Engineers celebrates the beginning of a second decade since our launch in the fall of 2004, I am honored and excited to assume the presidency of AAWRE.  I join with the AAWRE staff and the entire past and present AAWRE Board trustees to extend our sincere gratitude to our immediate past-president, Dr. Paul Boulos, for his dynamic leadership in putting AAWRE on a sound financial footing and advancing it to an unprecedented level of success. We are also grateful to outgoing trustees Dr. Rob Traver and Dr. Pascale Champagne for their enduring contributions to helping our organization realize its goals.

We also extend our congratulations to Mr. Mike Markus on his new role as President-Elect and a warm welcome to our new trustee Mr. Phil Turnipseed. 

At our past fall board meeting, the AAWRE Board of Trustees have adopted our new vision and new mission statement:

VISION:  Board Certified Water Resources Engineers are global leaders serving society in advancing sustainable management of the world’s water.

MISSION:  Provide excellence in leadership by elevating the professional practice of water resources engineering through advanced certification, continuing education, and ethical practice.

We are excited to work harder and efficiently to bring true value to your D.WRE and to raise the prestige and visibility of AAWRE.

We have also amended our policy requirement on the Diplomate certification via eminence. Eminent professional engineers can achieve the D.WRE through eminence with 25+ years of water resources engineering experience, in lieu of the post-undergraduate degree.

This year and beyond, the AAWRE trustees, committees and staff will continue to work diligently to:

  • Certify more highly qualified professional engineers for the D.WRE.
  • Serve our Diplomates and strengthen our Academy.
  • Effectively execute our new strategic and marketing plan for sustaining excellence in everything we do.
  • Fuel stronger national and international visibility, awareness and branding.
  • Strengthen our ties with other engineering societies and water resources organizations.
  • Recognize deserving D.WREs for excellence in water resources engineering and service through the new AAWRE Awards programs.
  • Cultivate AAWRE to be a preeminent organization in the engineering profession.

Please join us to ensure continued success with the beginning of the second decade for AAWRE by your personal example and leadership in contributing to AAWRE’s new vision and mission.

I ask you to support our Academy- our mission and vision in the following ways:

  1. Include your D.WRE credential after your name in all business correspondence, emails, and business cards.
  2. Recruit and encourage deserving colleagues and peers to apply for the D.WRE.
  3. Mark your calendars for May 18, as we will host our 11th Anniversary Diplomate Induction Ceremony during the 2015 EWRI Congress in Austin, Texas.
  4. Stay certified! The D.WRE is the highest level of advanced post-licensure certification in the civil engineering field. Information on the annual certification renewal process is available at www.aawre.org/certification/staying-certified.
  5. Share your news and achievements with fellow Diplomates and the water resources engineering community by making sure they are included in AAWRE News. Send email to: [email protected].

All of these vital actions will contribute to the overall goals, mission and vision of AAWRE.

We thank you for your loyal commitment to strengthening and upholding the high standards of our great profession, and for your exemplary support of the American Academy of Water Resources Engineers. You embody our profession at its best.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, the working committees, and the staff of AAWRE, thank you for your passionate commitment, your generous support, and all that you do for our profession.

All of us on the Board of Trustees eagerly look forward to working with you to guide the continued growth and success of our noble profession and help lead AAWRE to new heights of excellence.

With kind regards,

Jerry W. Webb, P.E., D.WRE
American Academy of Water Resources Engineers

Celebrating Ten Years of Advancing the Practice of Water Resources Engineering