June 1, 2017

Winrock International (WI) is a nonprofit organization that works with people in the United States and around the world to empower the disadvantaged, increase economic opportunity, and sustain natural resources. Winrock matches innovative approaches in agriculture, natural resources management, clean energy, and leadership development with the unique needs of its partners. By linking local individuals and communities with new ideas and technology, Winrock is increasing long-term productivity, equity, and responsible resource management to benefit the poor and disadvantaged of the world.

The Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) Program, funded globally by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), provides voluntary technical assistance to farmers, agribusinesses, and public and private education and extension providers in developing countries to promote sustainable improvements in the agricultural sector.  

Winrock recognizes the importance of water and have developed a strategy to work on a sustainable use of water in the development world. This takes Engineers in Water Management, Irrigation Design and Implementation. Qualified volunteers in this area donate their time and WI will pay all the expenses, handle all the logistics and pay a daily meal per diem.

Since 1991, Winrock has fielded over 2,400 skilled professionals as volunteers on development pro- grams in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Eurasia, impacting approximately 8.2 million people worldwide.


Volunteers benefit as well, bringing home a greater understanding of the conditions under which people around the world live and work. They experience the vast geographical and cultural distances that separate nations while discovering the common threads that connect people and the challenges they share. The connections made between volunteers and those they serve are rewarding on a personal and professional level.


For additional information, please visit our website https://www.winrock.org/join-us/volunteer at and follow the link to our Volunteer Technical Assistance page.

Contact information: Darla Embry – [email protected] 

(501) 280 – 3016