April 14, 2020

AAWRE is proud to announce that Mr. Paul DeBarry, P.E., P.H., GISP, D.WRE is a recipient of the AAWRE 2020 Outstanding Practitioner in Water Resources Engineering Award for his outstanding work and significant contributions as an engineering practitioner, author, and educator in water resources engineering. Mr. DeBarry is one of two recipients of the award for this year.

The AAWRE Outstanding Practitioner in Water Resources Engineering Award was established in 2014 to recognize Diplomate, Water Resources Engineers (D.WRE), who has demonstrated a significant contribution to the engineering practice based on either a single outstanding achievement or through a body of work related to the practice of environmental or water resources engineering.

Mr. DeBarry is currently the Director of Geospatial Technologies and Watershed Management at NTM Engineering in Dillsburg, PA. Paul is responsible for hydrologic and hydraulic (H&H) studies, geographic information systems (GIS), and stormwater management plans. In his nearly four decades of professional experience, Mr. DeBarry has been responsible for numerous notable hydrologic and hydraulic, stormwater management, GIS and related water resources engineering projects. He served as project manager, chief engineer, and GIS specialist in developing over 30 watershed stormwater management plans in Pennsylvania.

Mr. DeBarry is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University and The University of Virginia.  He was a pioneer in development of GIS applications for watershed processing for hydrologic and hydraulic modeling having published the article Computer Watersheds in ASCE magazine in 1990 and several related journal articles.  He is author of the book Watersheds: Processes Assessment and Management and co-author of ASCE’s GIS Modules and Distributed Models of the Watershed.

Paul is a member of several state and municipal organizations and was instrumental in the establishment of stormwater policies and procedures for Pennsylvania. He served as a lead author on the PennDOT Drainage Manual and Delaware Bridge Manual, hydrology chapter. He has presented innovative papers nationally and internationally, recently presenting the paper "Implementation of GIS and Hydrologic/Hydraulic Modeling for Integrated Floodplain/ Stormwater Management” at the 11th International Conference on Urban Drainage Modelling in Palermo, Sicily.

Additionally, Paul was an adjunct lecturer for The Pennsylvania State University’s Engineering and Surveying Department at the Wilkes-Barre campus, and he has taught various short courses on GIS, H&H, stormwater management, best management practices, and low impact development (LID). He also served as chair of the ASCE Task Committee on GIS modules and distributed watershed models, with results published by ASCE, and he held the position of past chair on the ASCE Surface Water Hydrology Committee.

Paul reflected:

"I am truly honored and humbled by the AAWRE Outstanding Practitioner in Water Resources Engineering Award, as there are many outstanding water resource engineers in the profession also worthy of the award.  I would like to thank my professors, colleagues and family members for continued positivity, transfer of knowledge, and encouragement, and hopefully I have been able to positively influence some of the younger engineers I have mentored.  I have been fortunate that my career has paralleled a breakthrough in technology and modeling in water resources engineering.

I am very pleased that you found my contributions to the profession worthy of recognition.  It is with deep gratitude that I accept the honor.  I will continue to maintain the honor, ethics and professionalism the award represents.”

Mr. DeBarry has been married for 39 years, has two children and one grandchild whom he owes years of gratitude for his professional support throughout his career.

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